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  • Garmin zumo® 550 Nenhum Poder
  • TomTom ONE 3Rd Edition (4N01.000) Nenhum Poder

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Snooper S600 Syrius -
I purchased the 910 at BestBuy on 5/9/06. I am not a GPS guru, hewover, I had purchased my wife a Garmin StreetPilot i3 late last year for just over $300. I was very impressed with the i3 and decided to get a GPS for my car as well. I wanted a larger screen and easier interface than the i3 and also desired traffic info as well since I commute in a large metro area. After looking around, I decided on the tomtom 910 due to its bluetooth capabilities, the tomtom traffic feature, the PC software (more about that later), and the ipod interface possibility.I will list my opinions in order of strength (most strongest pros/cons first) -CON the docking mechanism, which is used both on the auto mount and home dock seems needlessly counter-intuitive and fragile. This sentiment is echoed by the writer of I share his concern for the long-term wear of this mechanism. I also found it interesting that the Review TopTen editor in the video clearly has trouble with the dock and has to support it with her hand.PRO The directions using the TTS are very good. The street names are clear and accurate I believe this is a definite help while navigating. It is nice not to have to look at the device for the street name if you are not familiar with where you are at.CON The POI database is surprisingly weak IMO. The i3 will display the address and phone number of a POI when selected. This is very useful in the case of restaurants and very important in the case of auto repair shops. The only way I have found to get a phone number of a POI is to go into the mobile phone menu and go through the motions of calling the POI through that menu. I have configured my phone for bluetooth connection, hewover, I am not sure if you could even get the phone number if you do not have a phone configured for the unit. Also, I have not found a way to display the street address of the POI. tomtom customer support confirmed that there is not a way to display this information. I have found the addresses which I have entered to be a bit off. Both my home and office were a half to a whole block off. If this is also true with POIs, not having the street address accessible could be a bit of a hassle.PRO The tomtom traffic feature has been surprisingly solid. The information appears up-to-date, the on-screen interface is intuitive and the speed of the download is good.PRO/CON The PC software has features both good and bad, the software is useful for backup and restore of the unit in the event of a problem and can also manage itineraries, voices and the like. There is one major UI flaw in the software which has sent numerous 910 owners to call support when you go to use the software for itinerary planning, a graphic representation of the unit indicates that you need to switch the unit on. The software is asking you to click the graphic on button (not the device's which has to be on already to get to this point). I and many others called support thinking that the unit was not being recognized anyway, I am sure they will clarify this in future releases.My biggest disappointment was that the software did not allow for a import of pc-based contact info into the POI database (i.e., an Outlook contact list). This would have been a great feature tomtom never stated that it would do this, it was a bad expectation on my part.PRO tomtom support has been very responsive to questions. They even emailed a software update which I installed on the unit. This is where I appreciated being able to backup the unit prior to copying operating system files onto the unit.CON the lack of an FM transmitter is suprising. With the features of the unit mp3 player, ipod support (via an additional accessory) and handsfree phone support, it would have seemed to be a no-brainer to add an FM transmitter. Needless to say, a hard-wired aux connection is better, but if you are using the unit in rental cars, or in a car without an aux in connection, an FM connection would be very nice.Overall -I like the device in spite of its shortcomings. My biggest concern is the POI data. It seems to be a good performer, hewover, I would recommend potential buyers to comparison shop and be clear on what you need before jumping into a rather expensive unit. I find the core navigation capability on par with the i3, but not really better. I myself am considering downgrading, but hesitate to lose the traffic feature I have come to value.
TomTom Go 7000 -
Yo, good lokoin out! Gonna make it work now.
TomTom GO 520 - Carregar conector danificado / faltando
This is a most useful cotiribunton to the debate
TomTom GO LIVE 1000 - Nenhum Poder
change the battery. Device no longer turn on the screen is off.
TomTom ONE 3Rd Edition (4N01.000) -
Correct model is 4N01.002.2 (not listed). System wiped clean and re-installed trough TTHome. Calibration settings file undamaged. Sometimes works fine, other times screen is completly de-calibrated or irresponsive. Need cost estimate with shipping costs and delivery date included.
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