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Humberto Goncalves
Good afternoon to All team.. Only can say that all quoted, re-tender and re-quoted = Excelent. The job: Touch Screen failure, done and is as new. Additional: Replace battery = good. Your service was as stated = perfect, Thank You and will recomend, best regards, Humberto

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Most common faults:

  • TomTom ONE 3Rd Edition (4N01.000) Nenhum Poder
  • Garmin zumo® 550 Nenhum Poder
  • TomTom GO 910 Luz verde mas não tem poder

Recent enquiries:

Navigon 70/71 Premium -
As a all-purpose mapping safowtre, Streets & Trips doesn't do a terrible job, though apparently Microsoft doesn't allow their programmers out of their cubicles to know the real world. After the digit of years this curriculum has been out, and with all the new releases, this should be an incredibly excellent curriculum by now. You can find locations a digit of ways by street address, intersection, and even GPS coordinates (don't forget to add the minus symbol for longitude if you're in the U.S.). Streets & Trips adds some fantastic capabilities over your portable GPS devices. You can see a large screen version of your route and, where you have a stop plotted, you can see the mapped locations of a variety of different businesses and points of interest based on your selections. They leave a lot of businesses out, unfortunately, but, still, it provides a honest quantity of information. One of the unique features, and a saving grace in the face of other design buffoonery, is the ability to alter the automated route by clicking and dragging the route. Let's say that Streets & Trips sends you one way since it's the shortest route, but it takes you through an area you want to avoid. Simply click and drag the route as necessary to get it to use the route you want to go. Usually this works without a problem, but occasionally you have to fight the programming. I just upgraded strike that UPDATED from the 2008 version and was shocked that they did away with the selection tool that allowed you to draw a box around a all-purpose area and then zoom to that selection. That was a fantastic tool for when you're looking for a location that you know to be in a all-purpose area, but you're not sure of the street name or you need to see an area to look for routing options. Typical Microsoft if it's working, let's take it out of the curriculum. Streets & Trips provides you with the travel distance of the route and, based on a fuel cost option background, will tell you how much the trip will cost. Vital information. Information basic to plotting a trip is how long it will take to arrive at your destination. Thanks to Microsoft's programmers ignoring the user feedback on their design issues for years, the time figure they give is arbitrary. They'll tell you in the Help area that the travel time calculations are based on mean speeds for different roads. Whose mean that may be is anyone's guess since they don't tell you what theirs are. Speeds on different roads can vary significantly from state to state, and even from one area to the next. There is an option where you can vary the speed calculation for different road types via slider reins, but the control marks simply say `quicker' and `slower'. You have to go into the Help area to find out that the slider alters the calculation speed in increments of 5%, but it still doesn't tell you 5% of what speed. Unfortunately, this consequences in you having to get your calculator out if you want any travel time figures that you can rely on. If you use an external GPS receiver, you can keep yourself located on the map. If you're traveling unknown territory, that's a fantastic feature. The Microsoft GPS receiver is mediocre at best. It doesn't do well unless it is exposed to unrestricted open sky. The USGlobalSat BU-353 is a excellent receiver choice, but its cord is very small. For my attention (operating the laptop in a car in the center console area), the cord was so small that I had to use a USB extension cable to reach the USB port, but then there was TOO much cable. The Holux GR-213 USB receiver was the best of both worlds. It provided brilliant reception inside my house and under trees, and had a quick start-up time even as the cable length was perfect.
TomTom Rider -
No qusotien this is the place to get this info, thanks y'all.
Garmin Nuvi 2300 LM - Nenhum Poder
Now I feel spuitd. That's cleared it up for me
TomTom ONE XL - Luz verde mas não tem poder
Thanky Thanky for all this good inrfmoation!
TomTom ONE Europe 22 Assist - Carregar conector danificado / faltando
Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and runnnig.
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TomTom XL IQ Routes Reparação
XL IQ Routes
Reparação  XL IQ Routes
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29.99 GBP
TomTom GO 9000 Reparação
GO 9000
Reparação  GO 9000
Repair price:
24.99 GBP
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